You want to offer new service models? Tailor your sales even more precisely to your customers? Increase your business success further? Then you should answer a crucial question in advance: How do you deal with Big Data in your company? If you are still uncertain about this topic, this is the right place for you. Every company has a huge amount of data to deal with. As digitalization progresses, it’s getting more and more. These can be business e-mails, networked company vehicles, incoming online store orders, keyword scanning in social media groups, the collection of location-based data, recordings of individual process steps, video recordings from surveillance cameras, measured values from machines and many more data sources. Such data collections also exist in your company. Your databases contain digital raw materials from which you can draw conclusions for your corporate strategies and develop innovative products and services. This is where Advanced Analytics comes in.

Advanced Analytics forms the basis of innovative, data-based business models – also for small and medium-sized enterprises.

We help you minimize costs and risks and successfully enter the big data age. We show you how you can use modern methods of advanced analytics to draw decision-making aids from your data at low cost. Based on classic business intelligence systems, we develop advanced and automated methods for you that search for patterns in your data, recognize trends and make forecasts for your business future. Why understand only afterwards why certain events have occurred? We create a reliable basis for you to better understand market changes, draw the right conclusions and act proactively.

Benefits of Advanced Analytics compared to conventional data processing:

  • The evaluation is not limited by the amount of data (volume).
  • Data from different sources can be processed in different formats (Variety).
  • Data is processed at top-speed, often almost in real time (velocity).
  • Big Data can be used in virtually all areas of a company where large amounts of data are generated.

We use the following methods:

Predictive Modeling

Data Mining

Text Mining

Big Data Analytics

Descriptive Modeling

Statistical / Quantitative Analysis

Simulation & Optimization

Machine Learning

Artificial Neural Networks

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Claus Haase
Division Manager Consulting

Aliferus is the right partner for companies who want to achieve their goals faster in the digital transformation, improve their processes, make their work more efficient and become sufficiently more successful. Are you one of them? We provide you with the right people, strategies and solutions. Following our cooperation, we compare your new, current situation with the previously agreed targets. This is how we make your success measurable!
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